Sunday, October 22, 2017

Girls' Week-End: Farmette Fun Edition...

This week-end, 7 of my besties and I headed to Blue Mounds, WI for a little farmette style fun. The setting was totally stunning and our "quaint" accommodations turned out to be more of a party-party barn surrounded by horses and goats and an obscene number of lady bugs. 

Our daily schedule was predictable:
Pet the horses, have a cocktail, laugh at the goats, eat something, have a cocktail, check if the chickens laid any eggs, sweep up the ladybugs, have a cocktail, take a selfie with some livestock, eat something, build a fire, have a cocktail, sleep, and repeat.

It is such a treat to go away with this group of fabulous women and I am stronger because I have them in my life.
All week-end long people were taking selfies with goats and horses. For the life of me I just could not get a good one. This is as close as I got...and I cut off the horses' heads and look super tense, but this is the world's best photo compared to my selfie out-take. 

Mel's Selfie Out-Take
This picture totally cracks me up.

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