Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Orleans: Day Two

 After a good night's sleep, Leif and I headed out to the Carrollton neighborhood to enjoy a late breakfast at the fabled Camellia Grill. The restaurant first opened in 1946 and remains beloved to this day for its dependable diner fare and entertaining counter service.  We both enjoyed an a prefect greasy-spoon worthy omelet before taking a lovely stroll down St. Charles Place. 
 Coming from winter in Chicago it was a true vacation delight to see gorgeous  tulip trees in full bloom! We strolled among some grogeous homes, checked out Tulane University and rode the street car all the way home!
 After a little rest in the hotel we headed out to visit Villalobos Resuce Center and take a couple gorgeous pitbulls for a stroll. I walked the affectionate and loveable Geaux-Geaux and Leif took Schmoe for a nice walk. We are big fans of the show Pitbulls and Parolees so seeing this operation first hand was pretty exciting. This rescue center is the real deal and  we made a donation at Tahyo, their non-profit pet-gift shop in the French Quarter promtly following our visit. I also had a fantastic Bloody Mary at the bar by the same name that supports their mission!
Following our jaunt with the rescue dogs we needed to refuel (of course) so we headed straight to Cochon for some pork centric Southern fare.
We started with some whole fried shrimp with pickled mustard seed hot sauce before I ate the oyster & bacon sandwich with homemade tartar sauce and pickled green tomatoes.
And I just have to say OMG...this was one of the best things I have ever eaten.  Seriously...I looked at Leif and confessed the memory of this sandwich may flash before my eyes in the moments before my death.  It. Was. That. Good.
 That gorgeous lunch was enough to sustain us through the night and our 3 hour haunted tour of the French Quarter.  We selected a historic tour  that vowed the facts about this unique are are often stranger than the fiction other touring companies often peddle.  And let me just say this walking adventure did not disappoint! We talked at length about New Orleans being a city of elegance and excess made up of sinners and saints with a myriad of unexplained hauntings. We learned a ton and even booked a second tour with the same company to enjoy later in the week.

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