Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reunion and Reintroduction...

It's no secret I host a ton of dinner parties, but I only make challah for special sorts of occasions. I never slice my homemade challah preferring instead to allow guests to pull from the loaf and enjoy ragged hunks of delicious bread. Something about the hands on ceremony brings folks around the table a little closer together.  Considering we had not seen our dinner guests for more than 17 years I thought it only fitting to bake up a braided loaf for the occasion.
The last time these two beauties had dinner together they were in high chairs! I met Claire's mom just before Emma was born and after a few conversations I signed on to be her nanny. I just loved Claire and her delicate nature proved to be a  perfect foil for Emma's bold personality. These girls kept me on my toes for two years before Claire's family moved out of state.
We all reconnected over a bowls full of beef stew and the conversation was easy and free flowing.  I am immensely proud of how both of these girls grew up; they are both artistically inclined, smart as can be and obviously kind-hearted.  It was an honor to reintroduce them to each other and reconnect with her family. The passage of time is gorgeous to me!

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