Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SNC Camp Trip...

Following our Christmas brunch all four of us took a drive up to DePere, Wisconsin so Finn could check out the soccer program at St. Norbert's-my parents' alma mater. 
With Finn tucked safely away with the Green Knights for the day, Leif, Emma and I were free to see the sights in Green Bay.
We stopped by Kroll's for a cup of chili, am espresso shake  and one of their famous butter burgers before taking a drive by the houses my parents were raised in.

They may look simple and rather small, but I cannot tell you how many wonderful memories I have of each of these houses. From listening to my poppy play the organ on Christmas while we waited for a coca cola glazed ham to come out of the oven to falling off a naughty three-legged stool after playing for hours in a back yard fort...these little houses were a vibrant part of my childhood.

It is always a treat to be in Green Bay and most importantly Finn loved his day of playing college level soccer. Fun times all around!

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