Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Cowboy Birthday Surprise....

My brother, mom and I pulled off a fun birthday surprise for my dad today! Our favorite cowboy wasn't too keen on having a big hullabaloo for his 70th birthday, but we knew we still needed to do something festive.  We opted to limit our celebration to close family and use a trip to the pumpkin patch as a rouse to keep my dad in the dark. Leif told my dad I had a last minute headache that made impossible for me to make the trip to Lake Geneva, but little did he know I was back at the house setting up an wild west inspired party!
We all worked together to pull this shindig mom sourced the cake and hid dishes and balloons all over her brother worked on all the design elements for the party and pulled together our list of "70 Things we Love about Dad" into a booklet and a really cool portrait of my dad...I put together the flowers, planned the menu and cooked a chuckwagon luncheon.

Home Cooked Birthday Vittles for Dad

Saloon Starters/
Cowboy Caviar with Whistle Berries and Cackleberries
Wrangler Pate & Jalapeno Corn Dip with Crackers and Veggies

Chuck Wagon Luncheon/
Apple Cider Brined Fried Chicken with Bee Sweetenin’ and Cyprus Flake Salt
Fart and Dart Cowboy Beans
Western Wedge Salad
Mel Park’s Mac N’ Cheese
Green Beans à la Lucky Chance
Wild West Apple Cole Slaw

Cake, Candles and Birthday Wishes

We enjoyed bourbon and snacks in the saloon before heading upstairs for a hearty lunch of fried chicken, mac n' cheese and cowboy beans.  After we filled our bellies we showered my dad with a thoughtful group gift.  Overall I think he was very very surprised and supremely grateful for our efforts.  It was a memorable day all around!

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