Sunday, July 17, 2016

Strive Sports Challenge...

To say Finn came back from STRIVE Sports challenge a better young man is a total understatement.  He won these boots and practically wore the out in the same week! He made friends to last a lifetime and learned a great deal about importance of compassionate leadership both on and off the pitch.
 In a funny twist our family friend was a trainer on the day focused on teamwork. It was a treat to receive this picture of the two of them together.
He returned fit, inspired and more than a little emotional. Saint Patrick even featured his experience on their website.  He was hornored to attend and though we missed our boy like crazy, we know he is eager to return to the camp next summer for more learning and fun. 

And even though he is feeling a little sad his STRIVE experience has come to an end Fitz and Jordan could not be happier he is back under their roof!

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