Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our Special Guest...

 This week we hosted our favorite Sophie-Girl while her parents enjoyed an anniversary get-away.  With Finn away at leadership training program in Delaware we had room in the house for this sweetheart to spend several days being spoiled rotten!
 We kicked things off with Soph's favorite dinner...steak, potatoes and asparagus!  We ate early because we had to pick up one of Sophier's friends (whom we'd never met) before we surprised them both with tickets to Blueman Group. Neither had been before so it was a treat seeing them take in all the fun!
And then we ate ice cream in the middle of the night.
Monday morning she avoided scurvy and did math homework before heading to camp for the day and dance class for the evening. I totally missed her while she was gone.
After another dinner of Sophie's favorites...seared salmon and veggies we watched two movies and ate ice cream in the middle of the night again! The next morning I woke her up at 10:30 am for our next surprise adventure...
 We drove out to Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights where three of the Pfour surprised her for lunch and shopping.  We sluprped down the most amazing bowl of shoyu ramen; Sophie said is was like eating a hug. And then she ate a soft serve matcha sundae...because ice cream is a key ingredient in spoiling a person properly.
After our awesome lunch and super fun chat we made our way through the market to grab some ingredients for a roll-your-own sushi dinner. 
 Sophie was a total natural and our sushi creations we the perfect accompaniment to my batch of pork gyoza. It was a total treat to eat and then we watched movies together!

 On Wednesday I took Sophie to camp again and then her parents came to pick her up. It was sad to see our time with this great kid come to an end, but we all headed to The Golden Steer to celebrate Amy's birthday and hear all about her fun trip!
 Phew! What a fun whirlwind!

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