Monday, April 18, 2016

The Very Hungry Caterpillar...

This weekend we transformed The Day Nursery into a restaurant for a duo of fine-dining dinners to celebrate the Week of the Young Child! I love how this 100 year old organization moves with the times and embraces alternative means of drawing dollars toward their worthy programs; no idea is too zany for this crew...even a 10-course pop-up dinner inspired by Eric Carle's classic children's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Before letting guesting into the dining room for the evening our Executive Director treated them to a reading of the book. Only after they knew what they were in for did we reveal the setting for a most memorable meal.

My friend Sue helped to pull together an extraordinary trio of tables. I had such fun helping her plant all these little terrariums and wheat grass filled eggshells, but the blooming cherry branches were the most impressive aspect of these displays. People could not believe they were real! Aim was on hand to help put the finishing touches on things and the resulting display was nothing less that spectacular.
The menu followed the book closely, but took some serious creative liberties. 
Trust me, that was one VERY hungry caterpillar and I had a great time planning and plating this creative array of dishes!

"One Apple"

 "Two Pears"

"Three Plums"

"Four Strawberries"

 "Hold the Tummy Ache"

"One Nice Green Leaf"
"A Little House Called a Cocoon"
Four Awesome Dishwashers!
"A Beautiful Butterfly"

It took an amazing crew of volunteers to make these dinners a reality and I am grateful to all of my friends, family and fellow Day Nursery board members for sharing their time, talent and treasure with such a worthy organization. I am feeling PROUD, GRATEFUL and EXHAUSTED all at the same time! Cheers until next year.

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