Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mother-Daughter Philly Trip...

Emma's semester is coming to an end and provided a great opportunity for  my mom and I to venture to the City of Brotherly Love to take in the sites and sounds.  We wandered through the Christmas Market in Love Park before taking in a cozy dinner at Parc in Rittenhouse Square.  From there were took iu a performance of Book of Mormon and laughed really hard.
Despite an unexpected 3am wake up call caused by a malfunctioning hotel alarm system, we were fresh faced and ready to go just before lunch time.  I am pretty sure my mom hasn't  slept until 10am in years and when she saw the clock she quite literally flew our of bed.  We enjoyed a bowl of matzo ball soup (a first for my mom) before heading to Philadelphia's Magic Garden to take in the mosaics.

From there we headed over to Big Gay Ice Cream to let my mom cozy up to her favorite Golden Girls with big ole ice cream cone. 
From there we snagged a lovely dinner at Bliss before heading up to Temple to take in Emma's performance.  It was quite funny to see my mom take a twirl on her way into the theater, before enjoying Emma's performances.

Our girl danced like an angel and then Mom and I headed back to the hotel for some late night wine and room service.  It was such a treat to sit in bed talking and laughing while we munched on pretzel bites, cashews and potato chips!

The following morning Emma met us in our hotel room and walked us to a local restaurant peddling mammoth sushi burritos.  These colorful sandwiches are a big eating commitment, but totally delicious. I am am betting they are going to be everywhere in the new year.  After a filling lunch and a Temple campus tour we grabbed Emma's bags and brought her home for winter break!
So. Much. Fun.

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