Thursday, November 5, 2015

Gotham Girls Week-End: Day Three...

It is no secret I love the Deluxe Green Bo (the restaurant formerly known as Nice or New Green Bo) for their sesame noodles, scallion pancakes and soup dumplings, but now I have an even bigger reason to adore my favorite Chinatown haunt...
Yep, after the longest amount of time we've ever been apart Emma made her way from Philly to NYC to meet me for lunch! She brought three of her dancer friends who are as nice as they are gorgeous to meet my girls; I was over the moon about the whole thing!  Even Sue and Lucy were able to meet us...our not so little table was like a Midwest love fest!

From there we parted ways with the Gill girls and wandered around Chinatown looking for souvenirs and bags.  I am happy to report all of the Temple girls were responsible and bought hats and scarves for the upcoming winter.

From there were had a few cappuccinos at Nolita Mart in Little Italy and picked up some candy at Papabubble in Soho before parting ways with Emma and her friends.  It was a total joy being able to see my girl and my heart broke a little when they piled into an Uber bound for Penn Station.  I am counting the days until I see her again. Seriously.

And then, thanks to that emotional good-bye, we promptly decided it was time for a big cocktail!  We found a place called Mother's Ruin for kalamata martinis and waffle fries.  It was the perfect place to land after a long Chinatown afternoon.  
We decided to head back to Brooklyn early to avoid the Halloween crush later in the evening, but rather than rush home we decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  This may have been our best "brisk walk" of all time; this was one gorgeous walk and a serious highlight of our trip.
From there we ended up (in a very round about way) having dinner at the Ugly Duckling and then headed back to the Henry Norman for our last night in New York.  I have never been as sad to see the week-end come to a close.
We went to bed knowing:

1. Ang has dried mango, paleo jerky and cookies in her purse.
2. Life is the BEST when you have TWO pairs of socks in your purse.
3. There sure are a lot of tiny hills in Brooklyn.
4. Street...Avenue what's the difference? Oh wait...where are we?
5. You can call a restaurant to ask if they have a table for four when all you really want to know is how the heck to open the door!
6.  Time sure does fly when you are in the company of friends.

Cheers until it is time to shake our chardonnay again!

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