Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gotham Girls Week-End: Day One...

I am not sure there are accurate words to describe just how fun my Gotham girls' week-end turned out to be.  We had a bit of a bumpy right into La Guardia and yes, I was pretty happy not to be sitting next to a very queasy Ang, but once we were safe on the ground she made an amazing recovery and all four of us were all poised to make the most of our days in NYC!
 After settling into the Henry Norman Hotel in Brooklyn we decided to hang out in the Green Point neighborhood for the afternoon. We hopped in a car and grabbed a lovely lunch and few cocktails at Esme. This lunch was the perfect kick off to our time together!

 Beet Salad with Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes, Horseradish Cream and Dill
(This honestly may have been the very best thing I ate all week-end.  I am fairly certain all four of us are planning to recreate this winning salad combination at home)
Pork Belly Cubano with some really good fries.
 Fried Chicken Sandwich with Red Curry Mayo and Bacon.

From there we took a nice little walk to grab a donut from a shop our driver recommended we check out.  Let me just say that Peter Pan Donuts does not disappoint and that little coconut cream morsel was among the best sweet treats I've ever had!  From there we walked and wandered the neighborhood before heading taking in the view from our hotel balcony and enjoying  a Tapas dinner.  
We hit the sack full bellies knowing:

1. Sometimes you can have tender tips.
2. Or tender nips. 
3. Egg yolks are not meant to be bottled.
4. Things are better when you have a pair of socks in your purse.
5. Ang has dried mango in her purse.
6. We had way too much fun to look forward to!

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