Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gotham Girls Week-End: Day Two...

We started our day in a New York way with bagels and cream cheese from Syrena Bakery.  Located just down the street from our hotel, this Polish Bakery, was being used as a movie set on Thursday night, but bright and early on Friday morning proved to be the place to get a perfect bagel.  
Oh my YUM!
With full bellies we braved our way through Times Sqaure in search of tickets to a show that evening. Needless to say we were successful!  As soon as we had our tickets in hand we hightailed it out of there in search of a more subdued side of New York.

Big thumbs up to us for finding four same day tickets to The Book of Mormon-these girls had no idea what they were in for; I was just giddy all day knowing how hard they would laugh later that day.  
Angela was eager to show us the High Line as part of our visit; Amy, Pen nor I had ever seen it. She fell in love with this park after she worked on a project in the city and stayed at a nearby hotel. Let me just say converting elevated train tracks into park in the sky is completely genius; the place ticks every box...urban beauty at its best.  Walking  thought the park was one of my favorite stops on our entire trip! I mean just look...

After getting our fill of nature on the High Line all four of us were craving a seafood lunch from The Lobster Place at Chelsea Market. We had sushi, shrimp, crab claws and an assortment raw oysters.  We washed it all down with a well earned rose before hitting a few of our favorite shops.

From there we wandered for miles and wound up at The Meatball Shop for cocktails. I soon discovered a restaurant known for peddling various balls mixes up one heck of an Old Fashioned!  We each had a couple of cocktails, more than a few laughs and a quartet of balls before deciding we should start making our way back toward Broadway for the big show!

 Before we made to the theater we stopped by Ray's to make Penny's NYC pizza dreams come true. Although Aim questioned weather or not we were really hungry all three of us assured her that one  meatball does not equal dinner; we all savored a slice of  Famous Original Ray's Pizza on 9th.
And then it was show time!  There were big time laughs at this outstanding performance!  We had a night cap and even spotted Rumer Willis before heading back to the Henry Norman for some well earned sleep!
We went to bed knowing:
1. Ang has dried mango and paleo jerky in her purse.
2. When does the dripping happen? Now. The dripping happens now.
3. Mathematical is a word, Pen.
4. Yes, Amy, there is candy on Broadway!
5. Four exhausted moms drinking water and eating grapes at 1:00 AM  in a hotel room does, in fact, merit a noise complaint. We sure know how to party!

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