Monday, November 9, 2015

A Philadelphia Surprise...

 Leif had a board meeting in DC last week and had planned to visit Emma in Philly over the week-end since he was close by. That was super sweet on its own, but my Leifer loves to share the love and splurged on two plane tickets for Finn and me to meet him in Philly as a HUGE surprise for Emma.  Just look at these reunited siblings! Their smiles say it all; Emma had no idea we were coming and  had to do a triple take before the reality we were all there actually set in!
 Once she adjusted to the shock, Emma took us on a lovely walking tour of campus and took us on the train into downtown Philly.  She had a whole day of fun planned for her dad and it was easy to fold into her Philadelphia focused agenda.

Love was clearly the theme of the first portion of our day in The City of Brotherly Love!  Her first GPS guided stops included checking out the LOVE sculpture and the gorgeous capital building in Center City. 
 Clearly, we all miss her like crazy and putting the FOUR in Elsmo Four sure felt good!

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