Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Klassy Kamping 2015

 Our annual family and friends camping trip is one of my very favorite week-ends of the year!  It was a bazillion degrees this year and I am not a fan of the heat (okay it makes me more miserable than most), but I could not let soaring temperatures get in the way of such fun!  It was more than a little strange to have Emma missing from the crew this year, but we totally loved spending quality camping time at Governor Dodge State Park with our Finnman!
 We arrived on Friday evening and while we set up camp I let a few campfire packets cook in fire.  They were filled with chicken, stuffing, broccoli and cheddar cheese and were totally delicious! We'll be making them again next year for sure! The next morning our entire crew (minus 2 late arrivals) gatherd at the Pfour camp for a batch of Leif's bloody marys and some BLT bagel sandwiches and eggs.  It was a perfect way to start the day!

 After breakfast we headed to Stephens' Falls for a lovely (and yes HOT) hike through the woods and meadows before hitting the beach for the better part of the afternoon.  In the evening we dined on turkey chili Frito Pie and Amy's gourmet s'mores.  The Frito pie (served in bags) is probably my favorite camping indulgence and we have perfected serving it to a crowd over the years.

 After a very rainy night we woke up for birthday breakfast burritos and cupcakes.  Since Labor day fell late this year we were lucky enough to be on the campgrounds for Ang's birthday; we celebrated in little ways throughout the day and I think she felt the love! In the afternoon we headed to New Glarus for our annual brewery romp, bakery splurge and meat shop madness.  The hilly drive to the quaint town is just lovely and this year Chris and Graham braved 40 miles of inclines in 90 degree heat on their bikes; I cannot believe they made it there in one piece!  I am betting those New Glarus beers and Ruef's landjagers never tasted better to those boys after making such a trek! Later in the day we hit the beach before cooking up a grand dinner in the dark.  On monday our tired and sweaty crew had to pack everything up and head back toward civilization.  We are already looking forward to next year!

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