Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Funny Bites

Last week-end The Day Nursery hosted a fab progressive party  featuring  an array of accomplished comics, cocktails and my comedy inspired fare.  I managed to get through a little kitchen crisis...a village wide power surge tripped the emergency gas shut-off in The Day Nursery kitchen and no one there knew how to re-start it. While it is nice to know the state-of-the-art fire prevention system works beautifully, it was less then ideal to end up with no heat: no oven, no griddle, no burners (to deep fry samosas, steam dumplings, grill sliders, and heat the mac and cheese and pulled pork). After about 20 minutes of panic my amazing Emma was sent flying through the streets of Oak Park to gather up my induction burner, and then back out again to get the electric griddle! She was a total hero! In the end everything went smoothly all went smoothly and our amazing kitchen crew pulled it off with the guests not noticing anything was amiss.  It was a truly unique way to spend an evening and everyone seemed to have a ball! 
The SNICKER/snickerdoodle shortbread. mango chutney mousse. apricot. pistachio. micro parsley 
The GIGGLE/ roasted corn. pickled shrimp. poprocks. micro scallion. cups 
The LOL/tortellini. lollipop. lemon. parmesan, basil 
The BELLY LAUGH/pork belly. toast. orange bbq sauce. pickled onion. 
The TITTER/fried chicken breast. cinnamon. waffle. maple. molé cream
The CRACK-UP/egg. yolk. deviled. sriracha. chives. black sesame. crispy shallot
The TEE-HEE/ tea dumpling. spinach. ginger. lemongrass.  golden garlic. sweet. spicy 
The CHUCKLE/ cheeseburger. sliders. quick pickle. roasted red-pepper ketchup 
The SNORT/pulled pork. mac n’ cheese. bacon. Blue Cheese cup
The SLAP HAPPY/wonton. potato. pea. onion. tamarind. curry. spicy indian flavors 

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