Saturday, June 13, 2015


 Last night Leif and I had the chance to celebrate science and our friend Caryn's 50th birthday in the Party Room at Skrine Chops!  She sells laboratory supplies and my friend Aim transformed her wares into some seriously stunning scientific decor.  I consulted on the menu offerings and I have to say our edible science experiments are totally adorable. I have never seen beakers look so breathtaking!
 The Scientific Sextet forced guests to assemble an odd little tray with melon balls flavored with a array of savory garnishes including balsamic vinegar, prosciutto and cucumber water.

I was completely thrilled to see Sop stationed near her beloved bacon, but our science expereiment took thinks to the next level by enticing guests to drizzle a slice with caramel sauce, fried onions an rosemary.  The experiment results were totally delicious!
Bubbles and Blue tried the uncanny yet undeniably delicious theory that potato chips, blue cheese and champagne are the best of friends.  I just loved seeing folks slurp champagne out of a pipet!

 Human IVF receptacles are made for classic combinations; in this case we used them to house the science behind a classic food combination...PB&J! 
 Happy birthday Caryn and cheers to Aim for putting together such a perfect party for a well deserving friend! So much fun.

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