Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kavi's Annaprushan...

 Just a couple of years ago our family was privileged to attend Vikas' Annaprushan and today we were invited to witness his brother Kavi's transition from milk to payesh, a sweet rice dish.  The environment was festive and highlighted by Vikas' notable comfort  being a big brother and Kavi's near constant smiles!

With family and friends  in attendance, Kavi enjoyed his very first bits of rice and a dash of sweet potatoes before selecting the talisman for his life's journey from a platter of various symbolic objects.

 After Kavi confidently snatched up the pen Leif provided from the platter, he endured loving blessings from his family members before his big brother took over the rice eating.  It should be noted that Vikas also selected Leif's talisman (a compass) at his Annaprushan.

 I happily stole more than a few cuddles with the man of the hour and feel truly grateful to have such incredible friends and gorgeous traditions in our life. 
 सबसे प्रिय कवि ,
अपने जीवन स्वादिष्ट रोमांच के साथ भरा जा सकता है ।
प्यार से,
चाची मेल, चाचा लीफ , एम्मा और फिन 
Dearest Kavi,
May your life be filled with delicious adventures.
With Love,
Aunt Mel, Uncle Leif, Emma and Finn.

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