Sunday, February 1, 2015

We Rocked the House...Again!

Local homebrewers and chefs enjoyed the quiet moments before  participating in a sold-out fundraiser to benefit the Oak Park Regional Housing Center and the School of Rock scholarship fund.  I was paired up with Rick Boultinghouse once again at this second annual event and tried my best to create a dish worthy of his American pale ale featuring homegrown hops. With the help of Rick's lovely wife, Rachel, I managed to churn out a couple hundred of these little spicy dim sum dumplings

The resulting dish was a flavor explosion and (just like Rick's ale) was well received among the hundreds of community members who attended this jovial event.  It was a complicated bite that featured a healthy dose of dehydrated sriracha; it takes several hours to make the spicy component, but it added considerable depth and made Rick's beer work as the eraser is was meant to be.  I couldn't have done it without these two and I loved all the social media love folks were sharing all night long!
When you get down to it, we live in a pretty incredible community and nights like this one prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt!

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