Sunday, February 1, 2015

Two Days of Photos Sent Via Text...*


"On da plane!!!! xoxoxo"

 "Made it! View from the 17th floor!"

"You may be in Philly, but I am driving your car!!"

 "Ducked out of the snow for a Cappuccino!"

 "Post steak dinner at a saloon in South Philly. She is ready for Temple!"

"Subway to own the day!"

"Very Cool"

"Ummm...Lucky me!!

"Ummm...scored free tickets to the Temple vs Tulane game!"

 "Emma is at the game with me!!!!!  We're rolling with the whole Temple experience! She already auditioned and interviewed!  It went well!!!!"


"The Treemont!"

*It should be noted that, despite the blizzard, Emma and Leif made it home this morning and there were loads of non-photo texts between these images.

1 comment:

Angela said...

This is completely awesome. Looks like Emma (and all of you, really) had a great weekend.

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