Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lake Geneva Christmas Brunch...

 Once again my mom threw a fabulous brunch for our family.  We enjoyed each other's company and loads of our favorite dishes before opening a few gifts and maybe taking a sip of bourbon! 

Monday, December 28, 2015


The Christmas Puppet Parade...

 During the course of the last year or two the Elsmo Four and Team Tillotson hatched the hilarious plan to honor each other in puppet form a la Sockapellas from Pitch Perfect.  We drew names, busted out the glue guns and hoped for the best. And it turns out the Tillotsons may be secretly related to Jim Henson as their sock puppet making abilities are ridiculous...seriously one-click off Kermit the Frog level creations. I am not sure how we got so out-played in this scenario, but I have honestly never laughed this hard in the face of an obvious crafting defeat! Best. Idea. Ever.
Team Tillotson presents the Elsmo Four.
 Graham crafts Mel.
 Finn and Grace craft each other.
Sophie crafts Leif complete with Crocs!
Best Friends

 Aim crafts Emma.

 Leif crafts Graham with bunch of homegrown hops!
 Emma crafts Sophie without a glue gun...hand sewn goods for this gorgeous girl.

 Mel crafts Aim with "backroom bag," non-chafing accessories, and paint samples.

 During the crafting process Finn asked, " Is it possible to offend to offend someone with a sock puppet? Because I am starting to get a little worried." Well, by the smile on Gracie's face I am sure that answer is no!

 Contemplating the seriousness of sock puppets
Sesame Street Redux

Christmas Dinner...

I served up a lovely Christmas dinner after a relaxing morning for Nancy and the Team Tillotson.  My beef tenderloin from Carnivore turned out beautifully and the carmalized onions, burgundy mushrooms and horseradish sauce I served alongside the meat served to enhance the overall expereince considerably.  My citrus salad and roasted Brussels sprouts were delightful, but the elaborate mashed potato bar was off-the-hook!

After indulging in a memorable meal filled with loads of laughter we retired to the living room to enjoy our annual gift exchange.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Morning...

Christmas morning continues to be a sacred time for our family.  We exchanged a few gifts, drank copious amounts of coffee and enjoyed an easy breakfast around the tree. Blu-rays and books were among the stand out gifts of the day, but mostly we were were grateful to spend such cozy time together.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve...

On Christmas Eve we headed over to the Frig's for a few hours of appetizers and merriment.  I love all of Pen's holiday treats...especially Ang's Olive Balls, Chris' Stuffed Mushrooms and the Sausage Balls the Frig's always bring to our family camp outs.  This is such a fine way to spend an evening and we are always thrilled to be included on their guest list.
Holiday Bounty
 Three Friends
Aim's Holiday Brie and Raspberry Crostini
 Three Other Friends
 A Mother-Daughter Moment
Parmesan and Rosemary Hearts
 Goof Balls
Christmas Cuddle Bugs

Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Very Kindred Christmas...

 12 Courses.
10 Friends.
Loads of white lights.
6 Red Roses
1 Christmas Tree
More than a few kind words.
x 2 memorable nights.

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