Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Night of the Calavera...

It is no secret we love our  adventures with Field Trip Cocktails!  Committing to these pop-up cocktail studies means we've hung out at a working urban farm while sipping on memorable cocktails and savored pork in a pigpen and brisket in a pasture all in the name of supporting the creative and hardworking folks who bring a whole lot of delicious into the lives of others.  They are just plain fun!
Last night's field trip took folks to the Revolution Brewery Tasting Room for an array of Dia de los Muertos inspired fare. I had the chance to be on the staff side of things last night and being in the company of notable chefs, mixologists and guests was an honor and a delight.  Thanks to Patty's awesomeprep help, I churned out a bunch of seasonally inspired delights with my darling friend Missy by my side.  I was too busy to take pictures, but I just loved all the candid shots my friends were posting on social media during the event. 

I hang with people who are always up for a good time and while many of these fantastic folks have been to all three field trip events it meant even more to see them in the crowd while I was serving up my own dishes.  I really am a lucky girl to have such incredible folks in my life.

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