Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Rarity...

For some reason we never manage to get a picture of all four of us together, but we managed to get one at the end of the infinity room during our tour of the House on the Rock while we were on our Klassy Kamping adventure.
To say the House on the Rock was fascinatingly bizarre would be a huge understatement; taking a tour should be on everyone's bucket list for sure.  Built by architect Alex Jordan, the House on the Rock opened to the public for tours in 1959.  The house itself is dank and sightly depressing with the disjointed rooms overflowing  with stained glass light fixtures and loads of carpeting.   As you can see the kids got comfortable in the main living room...
 After touring the main house we passed through the massive rooms housing expansive collections of  Jordan's doll houses, marionettes, musical instruments, jewels, guns and everything in between. At one point Finn said he felt like he was trapped in the mind of someone who was totally insane.   Emma felt conflicted;  she felt like she really wanted the tour to be over, but somehow still wanted it to go on forever.  The place brings up some strange emotions!

We toured the streets of yesterday before making our way to the carousel room where flying mannequins line the ceiling and hundred of chandeliers give twirling empty carousel a truly eerie vibe.
Taking a closer look at the "animals" making the rounds on the indoor merry-go-round revealed an 
even deeper level oddity. Nothing like a naked woman transforming into a horse at the knees. Yikes!
The House on the Rock
5754 State Road 23, Spring Green, WI 53588
(608) 935-3639


Mary said...

I dont understand what the House of Rock is? I tried googling it but a concert venue came up. Is it a museum? How to find it with google is my question

Mel said...

Hi Mary...House ON THE Rock...not house of rock. You can also click the link in the first paragraph to get to their website. I think you would find the place to be totally hilarious!

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