Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Music Memories...

  I was in high school when I saw the video for "Silent All these Years" on MTV.
After seeing the video I immediately scraped together what little money I had and made a bee-line for the nearest record store to buy a copy of Tori Amos' debut album Little Earthquakes.  My love for her music has endured throughout my life... Under the Pink, From the Choirgirl Hotel, Tales of a Librarian and every album  in between  became part of the sound track of my life. Sure I am pushing 40, Tori Amos is 50, and Little Earthquakes just celebrated its 20th anniversary, but there is just something  timeless about her riveting and vulnerable melodies; I cherish every one.
Last night Leif and I headed out to get a little Tori fix.
While Tori Amos has an brand new album (Unrepentant Geraldines) to promote, she didn't focus on her newest work last night.  Instead, the opulence of the Chicago theater and the quietly appreciative crowd provided the perfect venue for Tori Amos to perform a gripping show filled with some of my favorite songs. Winter and Tear in your Hand stood out from Little Earthquakes 1992) while "Father Lucifer," "Hey Jupiter" and "Blood Roses" from 1996's Boys for Pele were the most enchanting standouts from the two hour concert.  Sharing a date night going down a musical memory lane is memorable to say the least.

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