Monday, July 28, 2014

Ephrata Cloister

Emma and I joined the caravan of French students heading for New York last week!  Although the trip overall was a little stressful, we enjoyed our honest-to-goodness road trip adventure.  Our time away started in Pennsylvania where we toured the Ephrata Cloister.  Established by German immigrants in 1732 the religious community is well known for its unique architecture and preserved as national historic landmark as a result.   By today's standards Ephrata Cloister would be viewed as a cult, but at the height of its popularity more than 300 members lived and worshiped on the vast and tranquil property. The rules of the faith were very strict and included eating oly one meal vegetarian per day, getting very limited sleep, living a celibate life and praying for hours each day.  In exchange believers, including women, received an education and shelter for life.  It was a fascinating stop on our trip. 

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