Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday Brunch...

 Grab and Go...Black Cherry Pop Tarts
 Pancakes...wild mushroom, goat cheese, bacon, vanilla, balsamic, sorrel
 Southern Summer...fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese, english muffin. scallion
Breakfast Bowl...scotch egg, curry aioli, pickled onion, asparagus, aged gouda, black berry, arugula

Bibimbap...jasmine rice, pork, spinach, carrot, shiitake, sesame, egg, kimchee, heat, greens
 Donut...fontiana, pear, vanilla, lingonberry
The King...peanut butter, banana, bacon, cookies, cream
All of this went to this very young, sincerely appreciative, and impressively polite guest and his family.  He declared his meal was, "Delicious with a capital D!" and even asked to have his birthday party at my table.  In case you were wondering his favorite dish of the day was the Korean Bibimbap...fermented cabbage and all!   He melted my heart.

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