Saturday, June 7, 2014


Big flavors abound at Smalls.
I have been dying to eat in this tiny restaurant for months and it totally lived up to the hype!
The tiny six seat restaurant in Chicago's Irving Park neighborhood churns our some wicked smoked brisket and pork.  You can opt to try their boldly flavored meats on a bun or in their creative take on  Korean Bi Bim Bap; rice, chili paste, pickled veggies, kimchi,  and a fried egg only serve to enhance the smoky meat.  Veg heads should be aware they are smoking tofu at Smalls and they are also well known for their fried chicken.  We would have happily tried that, but we were pressed for time and could not spare the 25 minutes it takes to cook the chicken.  Believe me, I will be going back as soon as I can to give it a whirl!
 Smoke Shack and More
4009 N. Albany

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