Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Fish Story...

 Leif took a little time off today and we enjoyed a lunchtime field trip to Calumet Fisheries in the city; you'd never guess that the little shack under the Skyway peddles a mess of James Beard Award winning smoked fish, but the evidence is on the wall!
 We were looking to pick up a little lunch and some fish for an upcoming party, but we had no idea we were in for the smokehouse VIP treatment!  It turns out that we timed our visit perfectly because the smoke shack was about to turn out a beautiful batch of salmon.

 Leif and I were invited to check out the live action and even received a head and collar straight from the smoker to pick on while we ate our lunch on the bridge and waited for the fish to finish smoking.  Lucky us!

 The final smoke is thick and intense, but after it cleared away we were free to pick out three perfect portions of smoked salmon; we opted for two plain and one pepper and garlic.  We learned with a week's notice and a down payment, Calumet Fisheries will smoke a whole salmon for you. I am filing that tid-bit of knowledge away for my next big soiree!
 We had promised Val (of Val's Halla) a piece of smoked Lake Trout 
and she gleefully devoured it upon delivery.
 We picked up lake trout, whitefish, sturgeon in addition to the gorgeous pieces of salmon.  The salmon even had to cool for 30 minutes on my kitchen counters before I wrapped them up.  
It was a fun little outing and quite delicious, too!
3259 E. 95th Street
Chicago, IL 60617


jean said...

I have been wanting to go there for a long time. The fish looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the awesome blog and pictures, we appreciate your business.

Mark Kotlick
President / Owner
Calumet Fisheries, Inc.

A.L. Stern said...

There is no better place on the face of the earth for Fried Fish and Shrimp. And there Smoked Fish and Shrimp. Been going there since I was 3 years old. Now live in Kentucky and visit up in Chicago twice a year and always stop there. No better anywhere Its simply the best of the best.

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