Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Puddle Memory...

 When Emma was just two years old we dolled her up in a lovely Easter frock and snapped a few pictures of her before heading out the door to attend church with Leif's parents.   On the way to the car, Emma discovered a puddle in the driveway. We were keeping an eye on our curious young lady when Leif's dad said, "Just keep your camera ready."  
Before I knew it Emma, fancy dress and all, laid down in that puddle. Rather than lunge to stop her from getting wet and dirty I just snapped a few photos like my father-in-law, Thad, had suggested.  To this day I can't remember what Emma wore to church that year, but I can still hear Thad laughing as Emma rocked back and forth in the water on Easter Sunday.
The following year the bunny brought a wee-little man for Thad to snuggle on Easter morning.

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