Sunday, March 2, 2014


 There are few things I've done in my life that have produced more anxiety than entering FitzGerald's Jambalya cook-off in 2011.  It was an incredibly fun night, but I am so competitive that I became unbearably crabby in the days preceding the contest.  FitzGerald's 20th Jambalaya Cook-Off is going to be a grand-finale of sorts.  They are swapping the Lundi Gras competition dish to gumbo next year, but the folks at FitzGerald's wanted to be sure to close out the Jambalaya tradition in style.  Honoring the end of this two decade tradition apparently  means inviting ten past cook-off winners back to compete head to head.

Needless to say my blood pressure is on the rise!  If you want to see how  this wicked assortment of ingredients comes together buy a ticket and stop by FitzGerald's tomorrow night.  I am a long shot to win against the Jambalaya greats so I am approaching this contest with a focus on quality ingredients and a genuine sense of fun.  

After all, even if I lose I am still a winner!

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