Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oops I Did it Again...

 After loving on some chicken and coaxing the skin into my signature cracklin' garnish...
 I turned my attention to pickled pork, smoked Andouille and a holy trinity of vegetables.  I said a few prayers over my rice before I turned out a big ole' batch of Jambalaya.  I felt pretty good about the flavor, but was it worthy of a big win at the best of the best Jambalaya cook-off? Only time would tell.
 Mel's Andouille, Pickled Pork, Chicken Thigh and Crawfish Jambalaya with Micro Scallions, Chicken Skin Cracklin' and Praise Worthy Parsley*.
 My hardworking friend Patty came along to help serve the hungry crowd and we were out of jambalaya in under 20 minutes!  It is always such fun to hang out among the competitors throughout the evening; considering everyone entered last night had won this contest at least once before the vibe behind the table was relaxed, confident and fun-loving.

 At the end of the day there could be only one winner-the best of the best from 20 years worth of FitzGerald's Jambalaya Cook-Off Winners.  There was no award for second place.  
One trophy and all the bragging rights were on the line.
Oops I did it again! 
Anyone who knows me even a little understands I always play to win; I am not saying it is my best trait, but man-o-man do I like it when playing to win works out like this.
 What a fun night. 
*Praise worthy parsley and micro scallions come from my friends at Urban Till; and yes, they were two of my best secret weapons!

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