Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Finnman!

 This round-cheeked, copper-haired, blue-eyed bundle of a baby boy has somehow managed to evolve into an ever-so-handsome young man.  It feels like only yesterday he loved wearing footed
terry cloth pj's and sharing long cuddles with anyone sitting still,
but now his picture proves that 14 is fabulous!
These days Finn is as kindhearted and good-humored as ever, but he is fierce on the soccer pitch and frighteningly knowledgeable about films.  He is a remarkable conversationalist, but adept at listening, too. He is liked by his teachers, has loads of friends and is always quick to offer anyone a helping hand.  He has a wee-bit of of a mischevious side that keeps us on our toes and his frequent laughter is one of the best sounds around our house.

 Fourteen looks pretty darn good on him; he is confidently standing at the precipice of a great many changes and I know he is ready for every single one of them!  We are so proud to call him our son.
Happy birthday Finn!  Our lives are forever better for having met you 14 years ago!

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