Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pre-Birthday Treats...

My pre-birthday celebration was a total delight from start to finish!  I had only been told to block my Sunday from 10am on, but beyond that I had no idea what my handsome husband had planned for me.
We made our way to Wicker Park for brunch at The Carriage House where I enjoyed a Bloody Mary, perfect coffee and a brunch board featuring a toasted bagel, smoked redfish sala, pimento cheese and deviled eggs.  It was such a yummy way to start our day.

 The weather could not have been more beautiful on Sunday. Leif and I enjoyed a little stroll around the neighborhood and even popped into Alliance Bakery where we each enjoyed picking out a French macaron; salted caramel for Leif and strawberry shorcake for me. Yum.
 After picking up our daily dose of Vitamin D from the good old sunshine, we headed into the city center to see The Book of Mormon!
 I have wanted to see this show since it arrived in Chi-town several months ago and it is leaving in a less than two weeks.  I thought I was surely going to miss out on all the musical fun, but leave it to Leif to make my birthday wishes come true.  The show was utterly fantastic and wildly inappropriate.  Honestly, we could not remember the last time we laughed that hard; I truly had tears pouring from my eyes almost the entire time.  After the show we even headed over to Max's for a couple of Chicago-style hot dogs (one of my all-time favorite foods)!

 While were were out my favorie baker was hard at work making me a cake and then later in the evening Leif cooked me and incredible meal! Yep, he made it from scratch.  Leif found this recipe for Clams Casino Stew in an issue of Esquire magazine; a manly recipe for a manly cook.  The meal was utterly divine and Leif's efforts were rewarded with big bold flavor!  I think he may have found his signature dish.  And get this, he told me he wants to learn how to make chili this autumn.

I cannot imagine a a better day.
Happy birthday to me!


Mary said...

looks like a fantastic way to spend your birthday. Im dying to see Book of Morman. Umm, did leif know it was my birthday too?

Midge O'Boyle said...

What an amazing day! You deserve it! xoxo said...

Happiest birthday my dear friend. I'm so glad you had a birthday full of love, laughter and deliciousness! No one deserves it more.

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