Friday, September 13, 2013

At the Printer...

I wrote my food column this week about one of the dishes featured in the Day Nursery's forthcoming cookbook.  In the end, I decided that Beatrice's recreation of Coq au Vin to honor the organizations 2002 progressive dinner, Riverwalk, best represented the spirit of the book.  
But choosing was not easy! 

Building the beautiful volume from two decades worth of historical (and sometimes hysterical) recipes the organization's dedicated board of directors used over the years at their annual fundraisers was a labor of love.  Some of the dishes are totally original and others were adapted from existing recipes, but all of them are easy to execute, can be adjusted to feed a crowd and/or offer fantastic cook 
ahead options for easy entertaining.  

Bringing a small part of this organization's rich history to life through photographs and food has made me profoundly happy.    I have been working on the book for a full year and thanks to eager editors and volunteer cooks it is finally finished.  I cannot wait for people to see it on September 25th; it is full of genuine culinary kitsch and a whole lot of delish!  

In the meantime, check out the photos of some of my favorite recipes contained in the book...
Ratataouille Cups-1992 (page 18)
The President's Chili-1993 (page 57)
 Bangkok Beef Salad-1994 (Page 63)
All American Tuna Melt Triangles-2005 (page 73)
Spanish Style Chicken Wings-1991 (page 78)

Five Spice Tea Cakes with Ginger Cream-2004 (page 109)
 Banana Walnut Spring Rolls-2004 (page 105)
Almond Flan with Summer Fruit-1991 (page 103)


Angela said...

Congratulations! I cannot wait to see it in person.

Mel said...

Thanks! Now that "Nursery" is spelled correctly on the cover and there are really 100 recipes in the book we should be more than okay. Those were a couple of scary moments,but both are kind of funny now.

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