Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2 of 17...

We love camping with our amazing friends!  Finn had a soccer tournament this week-end so Leif stayed behind with him and Emma and I headed up for a little girlie bonding time and lots of fun with 14 of our closest friends at Governor Dodge State Park.  We swam in the lake for hours, indulged in traditional camping fare like cheese in a can, campfire packets and an old school tuna ball.

We celebrated a birthday with mustaches, hats and a pinata and  gathered around the campfire for s'mores at night and coffee and eggs in the morning.

We visited New Glarus Brewery and enjoyed a couple of pints of refreshing beer before finishing off our day with a dinner we affectionately called sausagepalooza!

Emma and I were super proud that we were able to manage our week-end camping on our own, but Leif had us so well prepared we cannot take all the credit for our success.  I just loved being able to hunker down with my favorite girl in the whole wide world for a couple of days in the woods.  Being with our friends is always a treat and I cannot wait for our next outdoor adventure.
(thanks for the picture Ang!)

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