Saturday, July 13, 2013

Road Tripping...

The misadventures of Lucy Sprinkle are somewhat legendary. 
This little dog has eaten metal blinds, chicken bones, and poisonous hyacinths.  She devoured a pound of raw asparagus including the rubber bands that bound it together and managed to survive for two years in an utterly abusive puppy mill.  Her teeth are constantly trying to fall out of her head and she needs to get a dose of pain medication if she gets a teeny-tiny shot.  
And this is a portrait of Lucy today...returning from her own personal road trip.
Yep, some how she dug her way under the fence yesterday and ended up on a very long and very dangerous walk around south Oak Park...crossing both Ridgeland and Roosevelt multiple times.  She has never attempted to leave the yard in the 8 years we've had her and a simple miscommunication between Leif and me led us both to assume she was inside when she wasn't. And then we left for Iowa.  Nightmare.

Our pet sitter nearly had a heart attack when he discovered she was missing. Thankfully, a group of young children found her about 10 blocks from home and brought her to the Animal Care League where she was kept safely for the night, but we think she was wandering around for more than eight hours. Thanks to microchipping we were able to locate her at the shelter within 30 minutes of reporting her missing early this morning.  We are just so grateful to everyone who helped her and worried about her.

So we hurried home from Iowa and collected our nomad puppy this afternoon.  I cannot tell you how happy she was to see us and how relieved we were to see her unscathed.  I am pretty sure any wanderlust has been scared out of our exhausted little dog, but just in case it hasn't... we now have a tag with our phone number attached to Lucy's collar! 
What a day!

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Angela said...

Are you even kidding me? Scary. Glad she is home safe and sound, and you all have recovered.

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