Monday, July 8, 2013

Moules Frites...

 After getting caught in the rain looking at the Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the area, Elise and I cooked up her favorite "vacation" food! Moules Frites are a special treat in Brittany and the steamed mussels and crispy twice fried potatoes are a delectable combination to say the least.  We served it all up with some fresh baguette, French Brie and salt butter. please pardon my hair and washed out face in this picture.  Even though I got caught in the rain, I felt like I should share it anyway; we were just so proud of ourselves!
While Elise was peeling and cutting potatoes she paused to inform me that, "Too many frites is never a problem, but not enough frites is always a problem" and I have to say she is totally right! It felt like we were making way too many, but we ate every last one.  It is not a small undertaking to make them from scratch and Elise was concerned that I didn't have a deep fryer like she keeps at home, but I promised her I wouldn't let her down.  And with a little welcomed instruction from kitchen companion about cooking times, my frites got the French seal of approval in the end! 
Finn scrubbed the mussels clean and probably ate half of them in the end because Elise did such a mighty fine job of cooking them with nothing more than a simple array of aromatics. Moules Frites do not require any silverware to eat!  Elise showed us how to use a mussel shell like tongs to pluck the mussels from their shells and pick up the frites. It is a little messy, but totally worth it!
(hint hint...this recipe may show up in a upcoming food column)

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