Friday, June 21, 2013

Sample Texts from Emma...

"All of my friends came over tonight and we laughed out butts off. We ate the strawberries.  It turns out they were frozen so we had fun with that!"

"Well I am going to get frozen yogurt and then to CVS and then dinner at the hotel and then back to my room to just CHILL."

"Oh my gosh! Soooo good! Haha...the rep today was awesome and the teacher was only 18.  He is a member of Hubbard Street Two."

"Mia Michaels' dance. killer.  amazing.  look forward to it."

"Is 11 too late for me to call you?  I had unexpected visitors.  Pleasant surprise.  So my friends are staying until a little before bed checks."

"I may be half dead, but I am still alive!"

"This is me, Lissa, and Brandon who were our rep teachers this week!"
"I went and thanked the modern teacher and he said You're welcome. Great job today!  Thank you for listening; it really shows you care."

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