Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quick Visit...

 My mom came in for a quick overnight visit on Monday to celebrate Emma's birthday and take her for a quick shopping spree in the city.  We enjoyed a lovely family dinner and conversation on Monday evening before heading into the city on Tuesday morning.  We lunched on Prime Rib French Dip sandwiches at Bandera, picked up some new clothing for our dancer-girl and purchased these most memorable ice cream cone in history.
 My mom had been craving ice cream (which she rarely does) so we took her to Ghirardelli for a little Rocky Road.  We were walking down Michigan Avenue with our cones and my mom licked with such exuberance that she knocked the ice cream right of the cone.  She wasn't about to let  that ice cream go though!  When we heard her scream, "Wait! Wait!" we turned to discover her flailing about on the side walk; I though she was falling down and Emma thought she was wiping ice cream on her shoulders, but my mom was just bobbling that ice cream in her bare hand.  She finally caught it and put it safely back on the cone.  She was a comically drippy mess, but ate the whole thing!  After our laughter filled ice cream break my mom declared it would be a good long time before she needed another rocky road fix.
We had such a great day in the city!

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