Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sixteen Sweet Things About Emma...

1.  She talked herself into her very first ballet class at two years old even though she was a full year younger than the age requirement.  After spending  a month in the class, Emma suggested it might be a good idea if we took her to the "school where the real ballerinas go."  The rest is history.

2.  After considerable coaxing and massive interventions,  Emma Grace was born at 10:40 PM with her arm protectively placed over her perfectly shaped head.  She weighed just shy of eight pounds, but was only nineteen inches long giving her a healthy looking heft.  Her shock of black hair, rosy cheeks and "lipstick" lips made her the most beautiful baby I have ever laid eyes on.

3.  When Emma's P-SAT predicted her perfect career path it said she should be a cabinet maker.  What seemed odd at first has become far more intriguing as wood shop has proven to be one of Emma's favorite classes of all time.  She is eager to take advanced wood shop next year, but has already shown natural abilities when it comes to using power tools!  I dig a girl who can wear a tutu or a tool belt with equal flair.

4. As a precocious three year old Emma referred to her little brother as a "Balloon-a-tic" and even placed him out on the front steps like a mistreated dog to get him out of her way, but that exasperated toddler quickly grew to become an extraordinary sister and friend to her brother.  Emma and Finn  spend so much time talking and laughing together that I have no doubt they will be friends for a good long time!

5.  As part of a Mother's Day gift for her preschool class, Emma's teachers interviewed the students and each of them answered the same questions.  When asked to name their favorite restaurant the list went like this...McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's, SUSHI BAR, McDonald's, McDonald's...our girl has never had a problem being her own person!

6.  Today she sent me this photo via text with a message that said:
"This made me think of our family <3 i="">"

7. We gave Emma the middle name Grace after Leif's grandmother and the song Amazing Grace.  She looks a little like Nonna Grace and the song is the reason we call her The Amazing Emma Grace, but we had no idea at time that she would grow into a graceful dancer worthy of her name on an entirely different level.

8.  Emma's favorite flower is baby's breath.  She keeps an enormous bunch in her room at all times and does not believe this hokey filler flower needs any accompaniment in a vase.  In fact, when she was recovering from surgery several years ago her grandma had a florist deliver an arrangement of her favorite blooms; my mom said the florist was pretty darn confused by the order!
9.  Emma was obsessed with her Madeline books as a little girl.  She dressed as Madeline for Halloween and would make me pretend I was Miss Clavel when I tucked her into bed.  Who would have known her love for a sweet French story book character would morph into a serious love for all things related to Paris?  Emma is a serious French language student today and dreams of visiting the City of Light as soon as possible!

10.  Irving elementary school had party line phones and once Emma was attempting to call me at home to share some good news with me, but somehow inadvertently called 911 instead.  She was totally befuddled when the emergency operator answered and became hysterical when they told her they would have to dispatch police and firefighters to the school because of her error. Principal Hodge spent the better part of an afternoon consoling Emma until the sirens and flashing lights subsided.  See, even her most embarrassing moments are kind of sweet!

11.  Around the age of four, Emma collected glitter for months on end and kept it hidden in a corner under a step stool.  Every time we purchased a jar of sparkles for an art project she would secretly dump the whole thing out into her precious pile.  She probably amassed a gallon of glitter before we cleaned it all up and truthfully I still even find some rogue specks of glitter around the house twelve years later!  She sure does add sparkle to our lives!

12.  When Emma was in fourth grade she successfully auditioned for and secured a role as the Chinese Girl Doll in the Joffrey Ballet Nutcracker.  In subsequent years she portrayed a snow tree angel and a party boy, but seeing her on that big Auditorium theater stage dressed as a teeny tiny doll fighting those giant mice was about the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

13.  During  middle school Emma spent four weeks at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp as part of their ballet ensemble and she also discovered her love of candy.  Lots of folks sent her care packages filled with sweet treats and she came home with more than a couple cavities.  Nowadays she prefers to bake home-made treats and always keeps her toothbrush close at hand.

14. Geminis are often contradictory creatures and Emma is no exception...she a logician and a hopeless romantic...she is both artistically and scientifically inclined...she is equally comfortable being the center of attention at a party as she is curling up with good book.

15. Emma spent a dreamy day at the UIC anatomy lab where she communed with cadavers just for fun.  Perhaps she had watched one too many episodes of Bones (one of her favorite shows of all time), but she kept on exclaiming things like... "And then I got to hold the lungs!"  Emma reminds us everyday that being sweet doesn't mean she isn't tough and brave.

16.  And the Amazing Emma Grace puts the SWEET in sweet sixteen today!

Happy Happy Birthday!
Our lives are forever better for having met you sixteen years ago today!
We love you.

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