Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunny Days...

 We wound down our relaxing week with warmer temperatures and loads of beach time!  I have a mighty fine sunburn on the backs of my thighs that made the 16 hour drive home a fairly hilarious exercise in attempting to sit comfortably, but I wouldn't have traded an ounce of the pain for any of the pleasure sharing a little fun in the sun as a family brought!  
We put about 1800 miles on our car
(and love driving it more than ever)
 took a look at Vanderbilt University in Nashville
(she liked it)
 played 2 heated games of Monopoly
(business minded and tactical Leif won them both)
decided Global Concepts was our favorite road trip song
(even though we listened to the finale from Pitch Perfect a dozen times)
played 3 contentious games of miniature golf
(Leif won all of those too, but Finn lost by just one stroke in our final match)
consumed 2 dozen raw oysters
(between 3 of us; Emma does not participate)
communed with pine-cones, palm trees and sand
(on a chilly little hike)
collectively red five books
(Emma read 3/5)
 took more than a few naps
(mostly me...okay all me)
and turned the heat on in the beach house
(just for a few days)
Basically we decompressed, laughed and lounged our way through a lovely spring break!
We are all happy to be home, but still long to feel the sand between our toes!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Can't think of a family who deserved a bit of down time more than you guys. It all looks amazing.

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