Monday, April 1, 2013

Lillie's Q

 Food served from a roadside shack has a certain allure and when my friend Ali suggested we enjoy a meal at Lillie's Q in Destin, Florida during our vacation we couldn't resist!  After all, Ali orders ahead at least twice when she is visiting the area and with a recommendation like that we just  knew we couldn't go wrong.  We each ordered a pulled pork sandwich and split a side of fresh corn salad and fresh coleslaw.  Our whole order was served up on a quarter sheet pan (mess hall style) and without an ounce of  pretentiousness.  The sauce selections were abundant and  made personalizing our delicious sandwiches easy and fun!  Perhaps it was the fact that we had worked up a good appetite before lunch or the fact that we got to eat our meal at a picnic table on Lillie's porches, but something about this meal totally hit our spot!  We even placed an order for a rack of ribs to pick up the following day!
 These folks clearly know what they are doing with a smoker and I am thrilled to report that Lillie's Q is also a popular spot for BBQ in Chicago.  Our meal on the side of the road in Florida served as a fun culinary connection between our home town and vacation destination.  

9848 Highway 98W
Destin, Florida


1856 West North Ave
Chicago, Illinois
(this location is temporarily closed due to fire damage, but hungry folks can visit Chicago's French Market to experience a taste of this BBQ greatness.  Limited menu available)
My only souvenirs from out vacation (outside of a head full of memories) are a bag of Lillie's Rub and bottle of one of their many sauces!  You can bet we'll be visiting Lillie's in the city this summer!

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