Monday, March 25, 2013

Junk Food and Waffles and Traffic

It is no secret that we all love jumping in the car to experience a good old fashioned road trip adventure!  All four of us were in desperate need of a vacation and heading south for spring break seemed like the perfect solution to our collective winter, homework and deadline related blahs.  With the requisite junk food purchased and packed we settled in for our sixteen hour journey to South Walton, Florida.We were all tickled by Finn's suggestion that we should get one chicken wing from KFC in Louisville, Kentucky because he was pretty sure they would have to taste differently than they do in other places.  We've put that on the "to do" list for our return trip. After an otherwise uneventful first leg and stop over outside of Nashville, Tennessee we woke up bright and early to make it to our destination in the mid afternoon.  
Working off of a recommendation from my friend Sue, we were sure to stop at one of the many Waffle Houses tucked away near gas stations in the south.  Waffle Houses, located under iconic yellow signs, are open 24 hours per day 365 days per year and churn out a vast array of breakfast fare.  We were all tickled by our first ever Waffle House meal and Finn especially loved his chocolate chip waffle.  I probably shouldn't  mention that Leif had a Texas toast sausage, egg and cheese sandwich AND hash browns covered with sausage gravy, but I thought his order particularly embraced the spirit of southern breakfasts!  He was unsure, however,  how to make use the packet of mayonnaise that came with his meal.

 It was probably a good thing that Leif ordered such a ridiculously hearty breakfast as the second leg of our journey was more that a little challenging.  While, the addition of three hours onto our expected eight hour drive time had the rest of us nibbling walnuts and licorice like mad, Leif's meal kept him full all day long!   We witnessed no less that nine accidents between Birmingham, Alabama and South Walton, Florida.  The stopping and starting was not only frustrating  but down right dangerous, too.  Finn forced himself to fall asleep because he couldn't imagine how we were going to avoid getting in an accident ourselves.  With well over forty years of driving experience between us, both Leif and I cannot recall managing  a more challenging drive in our lives.  Needless to say we were all totally delighted to see the top of our vacation home peaking out from the tree tops.
Our home sweet home, called "In the Clouds" is like a little ladder in paradise!  The kids sleep in nests on the third floor, Leif and I have a comfy bedroom on the first floor and we cook and hang out in the middle.  It is the perfect house for our family!  Since we arrived much later than we had anticipated  we cooked an healthy dinner with loads of raw veggies to make up for all of our road trip indulgences.
 I am certain we are in for a memorable week!

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Angela said...

Besides the traffic, this looks so absolutely perfect! What a cute place!

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