Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Almost Hike, Sleepy Time and Oysters

It appears we brought some unseasonably cold weather with us from the windy city.  Not that I am complaining; I'll take temperatures in low sixties over a snow storm any day.  Since it was too chilly to hang on the beach we decided to go on a hike.  We made our way to Topsail Beach Preserve State Park's trail-head in hopes of  tackling the difficult Morris Lake Loop, but found ourselves walking for miles in search of the trail.  It was a very pretty area, but we were on more of a walk than a hike and all of us wanted to see the rare lake dunes in the area.  Just as we were starting to feel kinda stupid, a  park ranger informed us that we'd be walking for miles and miles more and suggested we get into our car and use the alternate entrance to the park to make sure we were closer to the trail.  We back tracked, drove several miles only to discover it was closed.  We returned to the main entrance and the park ranger told us we should rent bikes for the first leg of the journey, walk the second, and finally hike the Morris Trail on the third leg.  Adding the $18 per bike rental fee to the small park admission fee meant our planes, trains and automobiles themed hike was starting to get a little expensive, but we are a committed bunch!  We made our way to the bike rental shop where we were promptly informed that we would never make it to the Morris Trail because it was underwater.  At that point we bailed on the costly hike with a multiple transport requirements and a potential for drowning and laughed all the way home.

Back at "In the Clouds" we had a cozy lunch and a couple of hours of full on relaxation.  I took an honest to goodness nap, Emma laid on her favorite window seat and read for hours, and the boys played games.  I think it is safe to say we all needed a little quiet time and this house is just perfect for that.  Once we were up and moving again we decided to go out for dinner at the popular Hurricane Oyster Bar in Gayton Beach.
After an hour wait spent talking to other friendly patrons, we started our casual dinner with a dozen raw oysters with Japanese flavors.  A little wasabi, sweet and spicy sauce, and wakame made these little buggers down right delicious.  Finn is a big oyster fan and skeptical Emma was there to show her support as the three of ate them with gusto!  The restaurant walls are covered with dollar bills to bring good juju to the place.  The first dollar was posted years ago by a cook who had cut himself while shucking oysters who wanted to bring himself a little good luck.  Subsequent cuts led other cooks to follow suit and then patrons started posting dollars, too.  The unique decor adds to the fun atmosphere at Hurricane Oyster Bar, but the food stands up on its own.  My oyster po'boy and Leif's fish tacos were really yummy!
So basically we went on a walk, spend some much needed time being catatonic  and slurped back some super delicious oysters. Not a bad day at all!

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