Saturday, December 1, 2012

The 2012 SRAM pART Project NYC

 Attending the SRAM pART Project was the main reason for our journey to New York.  More than eighty artists were given a box of 100 high performance SRAM bike parts and transformed them into works of collage or sculpture.  The resulting pieces were auctioned off at a lavish fundraiser at the Cedar Lake Ensemble in Chelsea with all the proceeds going to World Bicycle Relief.  
Mythical Grace Periods #2

Geared Up Coal Piles
 As if that fantastic cause and knowing two of the artists wasn't enough of a draw to attend this special event, my dear friend Angela organized the whole darn thing!  Aim, Pen and I couldn't resist making the trip to support her extraordinary efforts.  I am so glad we did.
This photo captures the spirit of our entire trip just perfectly!

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Angela said...

I HELPED organize the whole damn thing, but I sure cannot take full credit. It was it was a super fun project, and I'm still so giddy and thrilled that you guys were there. Seriously, you are amazing.

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