Saturday, December 1, 2012

NYC: Chinatown and Little Italy

Bright and early the following morning we took the Q train to Chinatown for an afternoon of wandering, bag shopping, and eating sodium laden goodies!  No matter what city I'm in, there are few places I feel as comfortable as I do in Chinatown.  I love the gritty accessibility of it all and New York does the gritty best!  Traipsing through Chinatown in Chicago is second nature to me and I have been swept away by the grandeur of San Francisco's Chinatown, but China Town in New York is all business and I just love it!

 Working off a stellar recommendation from my friend Sue the three of us headed over to Nice Green Bo Restaurant for some much needed cheap eats.  Lunch was extraordinary!  We enjoyed a bowl full of the most divine cold sesame noodles I've every eaten, a trio of insanely delicious dumplings, crispy scallion pancakes, and a plateful of rice cakes with pickled cabbage and pork.  
Our bellies were more than full and so were are wallets; our feast cost less that $30 total!

From there we crossed over a few blocks and enjoyed some time in Little Italy.  Pen looks right at home among cured meats and smoked cheeses!  She used her handy dandy app to locate the best cappuccino in the area.  Thankfully we were only a few blocks away and the coffee was probably the best I've ever had in my life!  It was the perfect caffeine jolt to get us through the rest of our busy day in the city!

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