Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mother and Sons.

 Leif's brother Eric, his wife Jean and two of their four kids braved the winter weather and arrived from Virginia late yesterday to pick Nancy up for a holiday road trip to see some extended family in Wisconsin. Nancy wanted to be sure to make the most of their very brief stay in Oak Park and we decided hosting a little dinner at our place was the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. Nancy planned the cozy menu and I tried my best to make her vision come to life.

 We served roasted pork with two sauces, homemade challah, that roasted cauliflower from Thanksgiving, lemon scented green beans, twice baked potato towers, tomato mozzarella salad, and  kale chips for good vision.  Jean brought a homemade chocolate angel food cake for dessert.

 Emma and her cousin Elizabeth hit it off right away and I have to admit, I was pretty smitten with her myself!  This was the first time we've  had the chance to meet her and she is smart as a whip and absolutely darling.

 It is so rare when we all get together that times always flies by! I blinked and dinner was done, before it finished  Finn enjoyed catching up with his cousin Seth.   I think our whirlwind meal made Nancy feel like a million bucks to have her family all together at our family table.
I hope it isn't too long before we can do this again!

(don't you love how Little Lu manages to sneak into every family picture?)

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