Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Made of Money.

Whenever Finn makes a dinner request I always respond, "Hey, do you think we are made of money?"  We always laugh over Finn's expensive taste in food...crab legs, lobster, lamb, sushi, and steaks are always at the top of his list, but yesterday when he asked to have rack of lamb for supper I not only forked over the cash, but I served it up on the red plate!
Why such an extravagant meal on a Tuesday night?  Well, Finn has been preparing for a long and challenging test on the constitution for nearly two weeks now.  All seventh graders must pass the test to advance to eighth grade, but the score students earn the first time the test is administered goes into the grade book.  Pretty high stakes!

Finn has been tirelessly devoted to memorizing the material including all 27 amendments, how a bill becomes a low, the checks each branch of government has over other branches, the six powers of the President, the  Virginia plan, the process of judicial review, enumerable rights, and the ten articles of the constitution are seriously just the tip of the iceberg.  Finn did not complain about the workload  and maintained a true sense of fun through out the studying process.  I was so happy that he understood the importance of this test that he asked me to help him get ready.  
And boy was he!

Finn scored a 95% on the test, but he didn't get the red plate and succulent lamb because he got an A.  He earned this special meal because of his great attitude and superb work ethic!  Getting an A was just natural result of of believing in himself, asking for help, and putting his nose to the grind stone.  We are really proud of him and most importantly he is very proud of himself.

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