Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Wisconsin

 This year we were lucky enough to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my brother and his adorable family at their new house in historic Cedarburg.  My family lived in Cedarburg for a portion of our childhood and returning to this "so cute you could die" community conjured a special sort of nostalgia for me.  My parents joined in for a festive evening featuring a mighty fine crown roast of pork, a lovely mass at Advent Lutheran Church and some serious fun with Lincoln Logs.

 Christmas morning brought the inevitable excitement a visit from Santa brings.  It was delightful to hear my nephews squeal as they unearthed their holiday treasures!  We drank coffee, enjoyed breakfast, and celebrated with a pajama clad gift opening.

 Happiness came in the form of Beats for Finn and a box full of balloons for Emma.  My brother's wife Amy knows that a teenage girl would rather have cash than anything else, but she puts the bills inside inflated balloons to make for some unforgettable gift opening.  How cute is that? Emma has had a long time fear of popping balloons and was visibly concerned about the task her gift presents, but no-one should underestimate the amazing Emma Grace...she figured out how to remove the money by deflating all 12 balloons without hearing a single scary pop! 
 After the last presents were opened we all parted ways to continue our holiday celebrations in our own ways, but was a wonderful gift to spend a portion of our Christmas as a family and I am already looking forward our next visit to Cedarburg.

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