Saturday, December 1, 2012

An NYC Whirlwind Begins!

 I don't get to enjoy an honest to goodness girls' get away very often and that simple fact made the past 48 hours more precious that I can even say!  New York is one of my favorite cites in the world and soaking in all the vivaciousness and deliciousness the big apple has to offer with my friends Aim and Pen proved to be memorable in every way.  Times Square is not my favorite area in NYC, but it is tough to deny the special brand of city energy this hyper lit section of the city gives off!  We walked straight to the heart of the square after our arrival and found ourselves smack dab in the center of a spirited Albanian independence celebration!  

 After getting our geography squared away we headed over to an Irish Pub for some drinks, sustenance and lots of laughter! We had been up since 3AM and had only eaten a nut snack on the plane so our one stop pub crawl made us all very tired and a little loopy.  When chatter shited toward discussions of turning in for the evening Aim inform us it was only 6:30PM.  We decided a brisk New York walk was in definitely in order!
We wound our way through the city and ended up at Rockefeller Center just as the annual Christmas Tree lighting got underway!  It was a mad house, but we got to Cee Lo Green in a light up fur coat before fighting our way back to the hotel for a well deserved night sleep!

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