Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving....setting the stage.

 In addition to hanging my favorite paper garland (a leftover from my last Staff Appreciation lunch), this Thanksgiving I chose to put my favorite mason jars to good use and filled them with barley, pinto beans, rice and split peas.  The colorful fillings served as the perfect anchors to hold bunches of dried wheat.  Five vases arranged snugly made a perfect holiday hedge to bring focus to our holiday table.  Spiky green fruits, quail eggs and loose beans finished the look.

 Simple mugs full of mums and assorted pine-cones interspersed between platters on the buffet enhanced the holiday feel in the dining room, but my favorite decorative touch came in the unexpected combination of plates.  
 The gold rimmed floral plates belonged to Leif's maternal grandmother, Grace.

 The white Hunt Club dishes belonged to my maternal grandmother, Dorothy.
I love bringing a mix of traditions to my holiday tables and this year I particularly loved the result.

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